Welcome to Gilroy & Brookes

Gilroy & Brookes provide the full range of accountancy and taxation services you would expect to find from a professional firm which has enjoyed the trust of the Hampshire and Surrey business and not-for-profit community for over seventy years.

We recognise that every client has unique financial needs. That is why we offer accountancy services tailored to your needs as a small or medium-sized company, asole trader, a charity, club or association or a firm of Solicitors.

Our reputation is for affordable, cutting edge financial expertise combined with a level of personal service not commonly found in today’s busy world. For our clients this means a first class service provided by a team of friendly professionals who know them really well and understand their needs.

  • Firstly, we spend time understanding your requirements in-depth. Gilroy & Brookes can provide the whole process – bookkeeping to monthly management accounts to year end functions. This provides best value to client as one step leads to the other. Management accounts puts a check on bookkeeping and year end accounts become a mere formality.
  • Strategic analysis included. Gilroy & Brookes brings experience gained in larger corporations to assist smaller companies.
  • We follow the procedure below to ensure you receive maximum benefit:


Contact us today for a free initial consultation and begin to find out what a difference we could make to your profitability, cash flow and financial peace of mind.

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